Civic Homes Limited


Bringing Dreams to Life

Based out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Civic Homes is a custom home builder and renovator dedicated to crafting luxurious living environments with quality, value and integrity. For 11 years, the company has practiced a hands-on approach to help deliver their clients’ dream homes, from selecting a lot through design and construction, Civic Homes is active and experienced throughout the entire process.

Mohsen Teimouri, founder and owner of Civic Homes, explained that the company started out in 2004 as a way to support his wife and two children, though it wasn’t long before he discovered the satisfaction of home building and decided to make a career of it.

“I was a student at Dalhousie University finishing my masters in computer science when I started building homes,” said Teimouri. “The plan was to build a couple of homes to help pay off my bills and take care of my family. After building and selling a couple of homes, I thought this is something I like to do. I like to create something which stays there for a long time and I can proudly say ‘I built this’. I took a few courses in the construction field and educated myself to build better homes.”

From one home in Bedford, Nova Scotia in 2004, Civic Homes has grown to complete projects across the province. Consisting of six employees, the company approaches every project with the mindset that a house is more than just a place to live; it’s a place to enjoy your life. As a result, Civic Homes shares the passion of their clients and always keeps their needs at the forefront.

“Since then, I have been building mostly custom homes in Bedford, Halifax, and Dartmouth,” he said. “We specialized in custom home building where exactly what the buyer wants is top of mind during every phase of construction. It’s quite different from building on spec when you choose your finishes and styles based on the masses. To share the vision with the homebuyer during the construction of their personal dream home is what sets us apart.”

Their dedicated approach to customer service and building strong relationships with their clients extends to their suppliers and subcontractors as well. Civic Homes rely on their supply chain to uphold their core principles of quality, value and integrity.


“During the last 11 years in the industry, we have developed very good relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors,” Teimouri explained. “We have a very good chain of subcontractors whose work we can trust and who work on schedule. Our suppliers are well-known in the industry and have experienced staff who knows how to serve our needs.”

“Most of the subcontractors have been working with us since the day we started,” he added. “As long as we are happy with the quality of their work, we will keep them on our team.”

Lake Loon Estates

After finding success building custom homes and completing renovation projects around Nova Scotia, opportunity arose for Teimouri and Civic Homes to take on a much larger project in the city of Dartmouth.

“I was offered a new project about three years ago which I have been working on since then,” Teimouri said. “This is going to be a unique type of construction with unique design. This project is 162 units including two buildings, 44 townhouses and stacked townhouses.”

“Lake Loon Estates is very exciting because it is combining three styles of condominiums, lakefront views, golf privileges and is within walking distance to shopping and dining,” he added.

In order to fully satisfy both future owners and neighbours of Lake Loon Estates, Civic Homes have taken the time and effort to ensure the development suits the community by embracing the history of the area.

“The biggest challenge has been to come up with a design that is unique and that embraces the essence of this community,” Teimouri explained. “We are very excited about the outcome and I think the local residents will be really pleased. It is one of the nicest areas on the east side of Halifax that has been a great family area since the late 1960s when the first two single family home developments Humber Park and Sunset Acres brought an influx of families to the area.”

The Future of Civic Homes

In order to continue getting the Civic Homes name out there, the company has utilized social media such as Facebook to keep potential clients updated about their latest developments. This approach allows for feedback on their work, and a resource to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. It’s a sign that the company is dedicated to quality, and continuously striving for excellence in their homes.

“It’s not about the quantity of what we build but the quality,” Teimouri said. “It is important to consistently keep abreast of all the trends that home buyers are looking for. ‘How can we improve what we do?’ is a question we ask on a regular basis.”

Moving forward, Civic Homes’ attention is planted firmly on Lake Loon Estates, as Teimouri explained that a high attention to detail is integral to the success of the development.

“Right now our focus is Lake Loon Estates,” he said. “We are starting with breaking ground to build the roads to completion of the last the unit. It will be the first development of its kind in this community so every step has to be completed just perfectly.”

On a broader scale with long-term goals in mind, Civic Homes aims to continue their success and become known as one of the biggest construction companies in Nova Scotia. To achieve that goal, it is important that Civic Homes creates engagement and awareness to bring on clients for new projects around the province.
“We have a plan to take on a couple more projects in Halifax and Bedford,” Teimouri said.

With their dedication to providing not just a house, but a luxurious dream home the client has always wanted, it’s clear that Civic Homes has a bright future ahead of them as a leader in the custom home building industry in Nova Scotia.