Level One Constructions


From Dream to Reality

Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Level One Construction is an award-winning general contractor dedicated to designing and building clients’ renovation dreams exactly to the specifications requested, consistently turning dream projects into reality. Their main focus is on commercial and residential renovations. Level One understand that the renovation process has the potential to be a stressful endeavor, but through supporting and conferring with their clients regularly, their goal is to cultivate a solid relationship which results in a project both the company and client can share pride in.

To accomplish this, Level One has focused on developing strong communication with their clients and providing best-in-class professionals to complete work on each renovation. Alex Dumitru, Marketing Manager at Level One, says they go about building relationships with clients by “Tailoring to what their needs are, being available on the phone and having experts on our side. “

“We’re not your cheapest contractor,” says Dumitru. “There’s always someone that says they can do it cheaper, but at what cost? When it comes to your home it’s not worth taking risks. You want your home in the hands of experts and we have those people here.”

Taking a step back to look at the history of the company; Level One Construction was first founded by Randy Kautzman in 2000 with a passion for meeting new people, as well as designing and building their visions of the perfect home into reality. Of their beginnings, Dumitru says, “It started in 2000 as a maintenance company, doing small jobs for coffee shops and things like that. We built relationships that way, doing some of the little work. As we brought more guys in, we just went on to the renovation side as well. We did some smaller projects, which led to bigger projects, and now we’re a full design-build company.”

Their work can range from very small, simple, projects, all the way up to large-scale renovations. The team at Level One is versatile, and this adds a distinct, high-level of expertise to each project that they work on.

“We can do something as small as fixing a fence,” explains Dumitru. “To a full-on complete house renovation. We’re not quite into new builds yet, we don’t know if the margins are there for it, but we have the people who can do it.”

Working at Level One requires a dedication to teamwork and a great deal of versatility. As a smaller firm with 15 employees, being able to take on different roles as the need arises is an important aspect of operation, as is providing assistance for fellow staff members in order to support one another.

“We treat each other like family here,” says Dumitru. “It’s very close. Everyone helps each other out, because when you’re in a small business sometimes you don’t just have one role, you have many hats.

“Everything, especially in construction, is never just one person,” he continues. “It’s a team effort, and that’s what makes it great to work here; the team atmosphere and everyone gets along.”

Award Recognition

“What sets us apart is our award-winning work,” says Dumitru.

Level One has an impeccable track record of success, compiling four consecutive wins at the Ovation Awards. The Ovation Awards -which are presented by the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA)- celebrate excellence and hard work from their member companies, covering a range of projects from kitchen renovations to full home renovations, to custom builds and the development of entire communities. In 2014, Level One took home the Ovation Award for Best Kitchen Renovation Under $50,000 for their Pristine Dream kitchen.

Part of delivering their award-winning service is the design process with the client, and by using technology to ensure their vision is exactly what they want, Level One gets the job done right, on time, and on budget.

“Our designers use 3D Rendering Technology in their designs,” says Dumitru. “Which shows what your project will look like in 3D view. During the renovation process, people don’t know what they’re going to get, but with 3D Rendering Technology, all the uncertainty is removed because we can show you what it’ll look like in 3D.”

“In essence,” he continues. “What you see is what you get.”

“It helps us create trust in an industry with very little trust exists between a contractor and a customer,” he says. “

Moving Forward

The future looks bright for Level One Construction. The company remains firmly dedicated to proving top-notch customer service, as well as designing and building the highest quality renovations of all sizes. They hope to continue their award-winning success says Dumitru, “We just finished a big project where we turned the kitchen, living room and family room into one big room. That was a long project, it was close to a year long. We’re applying that for the SAM awards, which is a national award, so that was a big deal for us and we’re waiting to see if we’re a finalist.”

In addition, Level One are striving to become a more environmentally friendly renovator. Currently, they recycle close to 90% of their materials, but Dumitru say they’ll be looking to do more in the coming years. “We haven’t been certified by build green yet,” he says. “But that’s something we want to do moving forward. One of our goals is to pursue the sustainability and green market, and make ourselves the green renovation company.”

Another major goal for the company is expansion; while still in the extremely early stages of discussion, Dumitru says, “After talking with Randy, he wants to franchise the company. That’s a long-term goal, maybe 10 years down the line.”