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“If you want people to listen, you have to have a platform to speak from,” said Bill Pollard, the author, educator and former CEO of the multibillion ServiceMaster. As for the most influential platform, Pollard advised that it exists in “excellence in what you do.” With such in mind, be advised there is one company whose excellence in all that it does has prompted the creation of an incredible new platform to speak from, and in this case, for consumers and carriers, it is a platform that comes with other excellent, if not revolutionary, capabilities.

We live in a very busy world and for very many people, optimal functionality is all fueled from the ability to transmit and receive information, be it in the form of emails, text messages, digital images or voice calls. Our utter reliance on smart phones or other portable devices has given flight to new applications and that doesn’t simply mean angry birds, but tools that are becoming more frequently used than, say, traditional cameras, calendars, timepieces or even post-it notes for that matter. These devices help us connect with entertainment, facilitate banking transactions, check-ins at the airport, means to regulate our home thermostat, unlock a car door, and you-name-it in terms of it-can-do-that too. None the less, our personal obligations and needs can often conflict with our professional obligations and needs, especially in terms of the manner in which a device is used. For example, some may have a smart phone which enables their ability to check their personal email, but to access email sent to their work address, they use a separate phone or laptop. Or, maybe you work for a company that provides you with a cell phone, but you don’t want to use that same phone to make and/or receive calls from your girlfriend (or boyfriend) who keeps calling to ask why you have to work so hard, why you don’t spend more time on this relationship, and just what was with that snippy tone when you said to stop calling me so much at work – get the picture?

The point is that we’re juggling different devices to help manage the juggling of our personal and professional duties. It would be great if a smart phone, with its own dedicated line, could suddenly be terminated to open a secondary line thereby allowing a user to interact with both professional email and personal email on the same device. How cool it would be if that device could allow the user to make or receive work calls on one line which could be temporarily terminated as a second line opens allowing calls to-or-from their home phone number on that very same device. And oooh, if it could deploy a system of separate billing and separate security to securely separate our professional and personal personas (who really do often need to be separated from one another), THAT would be awesome too! Fortunately, such capability is now among the innovative products offered by Movius Interactive Corporation, a Georgia-based firm recognized as a global leader in application enablement solutions for service providers. In an era when end user culture has driven demand for mobility, control, personalization and hyperlocal searches, Movius has emerged as a technology provider of social/local/mobile applications that help wireless, wire-line, and cable/MSOs providers differentiate themselves, not only from their competition, but also from Over the Top (OTT) players like Google, and Apple. Movius CEO Dominic Gomez says these applications not only empower service providers with the means to recapture lost revenue from OTT players, but also better level the playing field for all.

Evolving Innovation

Movius has long been known as a provider of voice mail/messaging solutions, but its development of these new functionalities (which essentially enhance security and integrate the power of multiple devices and multiple networks onto one device) is part of transformation that began a little more than two years, follow Dominic Gomez’s appointment as CEO. Gomez has amassed more than 35 years of experience in the industry. In addition to formerly serving as president of Purple Communications (a leading provider of text and video relay and on-site interpreting services),  Gomez was COO to Hanaro Telecom, Inc., Korea’s second largest carrier and leading integrated telecommunications provider. Gomez led that enterprise in achieving more than $2.0 billion in annual revenue and more than 4 million customers. Yet even before Hanaro Telecom, Gomez held senior and executive management positions with Qwest Communications, Pacific Bell and AT&T.

After arriving at Movius, Gomez oversaw the company’s development of new innovations which are only now emerging through the market. “We had a vision, but our vision was not to deviate too far from our core competencies in communications and the creation of communication platforms,” explains Gomez. “We decided to transform the company. Instead of just being a company that develops applications, we’ve expanded into a company that provides tools which better enable a range of applications.” Movius is presently the only firm of the industry which offers this revolutionary “second line” functionality. The service was introduced earlier this year in Latin America, but consumer and enterprise versions of the service are being launched throughout North America beginning this month.

Movius has also significantly improved upon the capabilities typically deployed by conventional communication platforms. As Gomez explains, “We already had expertise in building platforms, but instead of creating one that was hardware extensive, we wanted to make it software-centric. We’ve ultimately created a platform that isn’t limited in terms of applications… our platform can house an unlimited network of applications.”

Beyond the applications Movius develops, this platform more conveniently allows other providers to load their own customized solutions on top of it, enabling a degree of multi-functionality that essentially provides Movius with immense competitive advantage in its industry. Movius applications are spurred by on-time delivery to market, ease of use and end-user relevancy. Movius solutions ultimately include a wide range of applications which effectively meet the evolving demands of both the private and commercial customers in this era when the boundaries between the mass market consumer and productivity-focused enterprise user are rapidly blurring.

Gomez says Movius allows service providers to deploy carrier-grade solutions (either on a cloud environment or on-premises) in a matter of weeks. This capability enhances service providers’ ability to offer solutions more expeditiously, and in a manner that maximizes their own CapEx/OpEx investment. In recent months, Movius Interactive Corporation began launching what it calls “CAFÉ cloud solution” to service providers around the world.  The company initially targeted Europe and Asia, but US operators can now benefit from the rollout of the service.  The hosted CAFÉ platform lends itself to multiple applications and helps provide OTT style services to subscribers quickly and easily. Through its hosted cloud environment, Movius is helping carriers avoid service adoption risks, save on operational and maintenance costs, and take better advantage of remote, speedier deployment.

“There’s a great advantage in this for service providers that utilize this solution,” says Jose Romero, VP of Product Strategy and Marketing at Movius. “Its high port density, scalability and multi-tenanted architecture allow significant OpEx savings and also enable service providers to quickly create and teardown applications depending on market fit, as well as avoiding any potential service adoption risk. Carriers can also speed their time to market for innovative applications while providing increasingly demanding end users with the latest communications applications.”

CAFÉ can also deliver converged messaging solutions such as Visual Voicemail, which allows users to see a list of messages using their Smartphone (the user simply clicks to listen to the specific message). Virtual communications are also complemented with Movius’ “myIdentities” application which is capable of separating, controlling and protecting multiple personas on the same device.

While user affinity attached to certain applications is always subject to fluctuations in the come and go nature of the market, Movius has secured its future by not simply developing the applications, but by increasing the enablement of what devices can do. Those advancements have been complemented by strategic partnerships Movius has made with other dynamic forces in technology, which includes its relationship with International Control Services (a national provider of integration, new product introduction, manufacturing optimization, prototyping, and aftermarket services). As consumers and companies alike continue to seek-out the communication capabilities as quickly as the industry can conjure and deliver solutions, Gomez anticipates that Movius will further strengthen its position at the intersection of user demand and carrier network fulfillment. In an industry comprised by private consumers and professional enterprises all seeking a destination for the delivery of fast, convenient, affordable, yet innovative services, Movius is on a mission to provide the path. As Gomez says, “We’re taking this enablement to the next level, and beyond.”

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