“Mine” Your Own Business

“Mine” Your Own Business

Employers, as well as anyone else, may soon have opportunity to eavesdrop in manner never before allowed thanks to two new commercially developed software solutions.

Massachusetts-based Raytheon, following the conducting of a joint research project with the U.S. government, says it has developed software capable of mining excessive measures of data from social networking sites to not only track people, but also make predictions about their future tendencies. Referred to as Rapid Information Overlay Technology (or RIOT), the software allows one to enter a name and quickly access a return of the relevant pictures and posted messages across the plethora of media platforms, associated with the entered name. Details of relationships and chat exchanges are included. The software will likely spur a riot with privacy advocates.

Meanwhile, IBM has just introduced a new security solution touted as IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data. The software allows employers to scan archived volumes of email, financial reports, web-traffic, as well as social media sites, to quickly access remarks made by people, or particular patterns-of-activity that could be deemed as detrimental to business operations. Loose lips may sink ships, but so too do callous keystrokes.

Analysts anticipate the industry will clamor with increased offerings of “data mining” capabilities in the coming soon.

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