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County of Grand Prairie

Having a Grande Old Time Prosperity alive and well in County of Grande Prairie No. 1   Though many Canadians – and scores more Americans – might struggle to find it on a map, it just so happens that the County of Grande Prairie No. 1 in northwest Alberta has a pretty significant boast. While […]

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Columbia Green Technologies

Growing Like a Rock Star Columbia Green creating new ways to help old infrastructure   It’s good to be a rock star. But if you ask Vanessa Keitges, she’ll saythat it’s even better to be flanked by a team of them. The president/CEO of Columbia Green Technologies is in the midst of that environment at […]


CMAC Transportion

Committed to Doing Things the Right Way CMAC Transportation steered by family, veteran principles   Scott Christie is the first to suggest that he benefitted from his father’s reputation. Dave Christie spent more than four decades in the transportation industry and managed four years in the Air Force, too, including multiple combat tours as a […]

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Town of Sylvan Lake

Uncovering an Albertan Jewel Town of Sylvan Lake quickly becoming a go-to destination  When you think of emerging destinations for young professionals flush with disposable income, you might not consider a small Alberta town that’s closer to the Arctic Ocean than Miami Beach. But if you ask Vicki Kurz, that’d be a mistake. Kurz just […]

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Three Rivers Corporation

A Safe Way to Promote Excellence Three Rivers Corporation establishes itself as a safety leader   Three Rivers Corporation is a place where continuity matters. Many of its executive leaders have been part of the business for most of the 38 years since it was founded in 1976. It employs a staff of 400 at […]

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Salinas Construction

Evolving into a World-Class Operation Salinas Construction excels, diversifies amid ever-changing times   The workplace philosophy for John Salinas II largely revolves around just two words. World class. He strives to hire world-class employees. He aims to provide them with world-class working conditions and resources. And when those things are combined, he expects them to […]

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RJW Group

“I Love to Build Things” Second-generation Williamson continues bold progress at RJW Group   Kevin Williamson has gotten used to the quizzical stares. He got them when he ambitiously set RJW Group’s annual revenue goals in the high double-digit million range, and he expects them to appear to at least some extent now that he’s […]

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Princeton Power

Still Making Clean Power Simple Princeton Power Systems is a trusted veteran in a still-emerging industry   From the classrooms of Princeton University to the so-called “Holy Grail” of renewable energy, it’s been quite a ride for Darren Hammell.   The co-founder/chief strategy officer at the aptly-named Princeton Power Systems spends his time these days […]

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Associated Builders & Contractors

64 Years of Supporting the Merit Shop A conversation with Michael Bellaman, president/CEO of Associated Builders and Contractors   The Associated Builders and Contractors was founded in 1950 by a group of contractors in and around Baltimore who believed that construction projects should be awarded on merit to the most qualified and responsible low bidder. […]

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Riding the (Fiscal) Storm Out Mountain View County adjusts to new funding model while staying busy   In the 1996 film Jerry Maguire, the operative phrase was “Show me the money!” In Mountain View County these days, it sounds a little more like “Find us some money!” Thanks to sweeping budget adjustments in Alberta, municipalities […]

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