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Carib Asphalt Pavers Ltd: Paving Possibilities for the Future

            Founded in 1981, Carib Asphalt Pavers started as a small family business that was focused on clearing site operations and supporting larger contractors finalize projects around Trinidad and Tobago.

As the company gained more experience, it eventually moved from supporting larger contractors to becoming a general contractor itself, working on asphalt paving, complete road construction and rehabilitation. The company also has the capabilities to do concrete works, site operations and drainage if and when clients need it.

Evolving from a small family business to a company of over 150 employees, Sabrina Meahjohn, Adminsitrative Assistant, claims that the company’s success lies in its determination to be the best in the industry. By fostering good relationships with competitors and managing their projects efficiently, the company has seen continuous growth over the last three decades.

A Proactive Approach

With the construction industry booming, and the number of contracting companies tripling over the last 5 years, Carib Asphalt Pavers understand that it is imperative to set them apart in order to succeed.

By listening to their clients needs, and have a number of relationships that go back to the inception of the company, the team tries to meet the needs of the customer before even having their initial meetings. By doing research and going over client history, the team tries to adapt their knowledge to the needs of a client in order to create something their customer can be satisfied the first time round.

The company also works closely with their biggest competitors to ensure that prices of projects are always kept fair, and clients aren’t taken advantage of at any point of time.

One Large Family

Depending greatly on the skills and experience of their staff, the management of Carib Asphalt Pavers understands the importance of having a happy and productive workforce. Meahjohn states that each employee is treated like a family member and almost all of the 150 employees have a nickname that is known throughout the company.

Keeping a more relaxed, family-oriented atmosphere has allowed for close working relationships that extend to outside the workplace, and the company emphasizes that by having a number of social activities throughout the year.

By creating an open and collaborative environment, the team has been able to create a workspace that is both conducive to productivity but also manages to keep the precious work/life balance at a happy medium.

The same approach is taken with both suppliers and contractors, who are seen as a vital component of keeping the business healthy and successful. “It is extremely important to form solid relationships with your contractors and suppliers who you can rely on during your slowest periods,” says Meahjohn.

This also is important during busy periods and competition is fierce for materials such as quarries and hardware. Given the strong relationship between the company and its suppliers, they are often able to have the pick of the litter in terms of materials, cutting costs and improving efficiency.

Technologically Advanced

When Carib Asphalts was founded in the early 80’s, the company had an invest of around USD200, 000, this has grown to over USD10, 000,000 as of today. With a heavy emphasis on the latest and greatest equipment from tractors, loaders, excavators and pavers, the company has it all, in order to provide the best for the client.

This is not limited to just heavy machinery; the team also has an advanced communication system, which allows staff members to communicate seamlessly whether on site or in-house.  Though a large investment, Meahjohn maintains that it is both necessary and economical to make the investment as it cuts costs, reduces safety hazards and provides a shorter project with a happier client.

Green technology is a space the team is exploring, but with high costs and a lack of interest from the client to go green, the business is limiting their research and investment in related products. Meahjohn states that it is the hope for the future to one day have more investment in green related products and projects.

Future Objectives

With competition becoming incredibly steep and projects becoming limited in the market, Carib Asphalt Pavers are considering diversifying their company in order to have more flexibility.

Meahjohn says that currently, the team is looking to go into the private market in terms of construction, focusing on residential buildings and private projects.

With a plan to continue their investment in their people and their equipment, Carib Asphalt Pavers are motivated to maintain their position at the top, by diversifying their skills and services, it is certain that they will achieve their goals in the near future.

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