The City of Sharonville

The City of Sharonville
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The City of Sharonville
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Progressing in Prosperity


City of Sharonville
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Khalil Gibran once wrote, “Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” In Ohio, with respect to a community nicknamed as “The City of Progress,” the advancing of economic development initiatives has, however, enhanced the environment for existing enterprises while also progressing in the community’s potential to attract new industry.

Located only minutes away from downtown Cincinnati and the Ohio River, the city of Sharonville is situated upon 11-square miles of prime real estate positioned at the intersections of Interstate 75, Interstate 71, and Interstate 275; and, no doubt, the traffic traversing through this corridor adds credence to the community’s nickname as “The City of Progress.”

Many years ago, it was the railroad industry which spurred so much of Sharonville’s progress, along with the general growth of Cincinnati. It continues to exist as an essential transportation hub, but by and large, the progressing of time failed to produce an equivalent of economic momentum in the modern era. More than ten years ago, city leaders took steps to turn things around and those efforts are not only paying off today, but are also providing a clearer path for future prosperity.

Gathering Growth

There are several highly evident expressions of the transformation taking place in Sharonville. One of the most visible, and most vital, is the new Sharonville Convention Center. Following some $25 million in expansion and capital improvements, the center stands out as beautiful, state-of-the-art, suburban complex with more than 65,000 square-feet of flexible meeting space to accommodate conventions, banquets, tradeshows and more in the way of public gathering. Comprised by a 20,000 square-foot exhibition hall, an elegant 14,000 square-foot ballroom and dividable spaces in proportions of 6,300 to 8,200 square-feet, the Sharonville Convention Center also has all the necessaries in technology from electronic signage and message boards to complimentary Wi-Fi and innovations in audio & video.

Convention Center operations are supported by more than 20 nearby hotels, 50 restaurants and some 1,200 different businesses, which includes those found within the redeveloped downtown business district that is home to “Depot Square” (a venue complemented by a variety of small shops and restaurants).

A Crowning Achievement

On the higher quality end in hospitality options is Sharonville’s new Crowne Plaza Hotel – Cincinnati North, located only a few miles from the I-275 and I-71 exchanges, mere minutes from King’s Island Amusement Park or business centers such as that of Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, Champion Window and Cargill. Other attractions include the famous Cincinnati Zoo and the infamous Cincinnati Reds Great American Ball Park, and to be sure, even Cardinal fans can perch at the Crowne Plaza. The Crowne Plaza at Cincinnati North is complemented with more than 16,000 square-feet of meeting space, a 24-hour business center and state-of-the-art exercise center, dining options in the Tradewinds Lounge & Restaurant, and much more that is sure to make a splash with younger guests.  It is also home to CoCo Key Water Resort, a $30 million indoor water park encompassing some 50,000 square-feet comprised by water slides, whirl pools and other aquatically-themed activities.

The emergence of the Crowne Plaza and other enterprises follows a secession of infrastructure upgrades to Sharonville’s Chester Road corridor. This area was once home to a number of glitzy clubs and dining venues which had virtually vanished over the course of time. A decade ago, city leaders created an initiative known as “Northern Lights” which was committed to returning some sparkle to this space. Upgrades to road and storm-water run-off systems, improvements with street-lighting systems and redevelopment added to the dedicated team-efforts, fully intent to restore glory to this once glamorous section of town, and thus far, those efforts are proving successful.

Economic Alliances

Economic Development goals have galvanized a variety of groups working for the betterment of existing businesses as well as better chances in attracting new business. This includes the Sharonville Business Advocacy Committee, a collaboration of the City of Sharonville and the Sharonville Chamber of Commerce. Comprised by key employers and business executives, this group meets regularly with local businesses to address potential issues which might impact respective operations on a macro level. The Downtown Business Association, comprised by business and property owners as well as local residents, also regularly meets to discuss initiatives and issues involving Sharonville’s historic Downtown.

A fundamental source of support for business new and old is Sharonville’s Office of Economic Development. Led by Chris Xeil Lyons, the Economic Development Office is dedicated to business advocacy, development, and growth.  These offices provide a convenient, one-stop  conduit for businesses to gather information and assistance with respect to relocating, building, expanding, learning more about special incentives and other assistance which makes conducting business in Sharonville more enticing.

Building on the Benefits

For businesses considering expansion or relocation, this Ohio area has long been renowned for being business-friendly, and in Sharonville, one will encounter professionals particularly hospitable and helpful. While that kind of support suggests some measure of benefit, the fact remains that there are many other benefits to be enjoyed. For one, Sharonville has some of the lowest local real estate taxes within Hamilton County. The City, itself, doesn’t even have a real estate tax, which reduces the millage collected, and certainly adds to the potential for locating a business.

It’s proximity to major interstate corridors is also beneficial, but to put that in national context, Sharonville is located within 600 miles of more than 40 percent of this nation’s population, as well as the nation’s purchasing power, and almost half of America’s leading manufacturing center.

As they say in the Midwest, it is also a mere “stone’s throw” from leading centers of education, arts and dynamic forces of industry. And for any enterprise that would want to capitalize on opportunities from such positioning, the city has just sweetened the potential by putting a new 15-acre property on the market. Located along the northwest corner of Interstate 75 and Interstate 275, the property was formerly owned by the Ohio Department of Transportation. In recent months, Sharonville city leaders have been busy redeveloping the site to attract potential buyers, branding it as “the single most viable tract of land” in Sharonville … and it is.

With the increasing arrival of new convention center visitors and continuing efforts to enhance infrastructure along with benefits to business, Sharonville is progressing in its goals for increased economic development and leading as it lives-up to its name as The City of Progress.

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