The Power Group of Companies

The Power Group of Companies
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The Power Group of Companies
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The Power Group of Companies
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Author Ayn Rand once suggested that much achievement can arise from much thought, and when you fully understand what you’re doing, she said – “that’s real power.” In the arising of great homes as well as commercial and municipal structures throughout Canada, the achievements made by many contractors follow considerable thought about design, material applications, and of course, who they should work with to get the job done. When it comes to walls and wall surfaces, there is one company who so fully understands what it is doing that it’s wielding of power is not simply reflected in expertise alone, but also in the very name by which it is identified.

It has been said that one of the problems with the world is that too many build-up walls when they should be building bridges, but to his great credit, Ron Rosevear realized a way to do both. After establishing a firm that specialized in drywall installation, Rosevear and his team successfully grew the operation to encompass such a range of services and connection with Canada’s community of professional builders that his enterprise is recognized today as one of the most dynamic and leading authorities in its industry.

The Power Group of Companies, comprised today by three succinct service specialists in Power Drywall, Power Drywall Interior and Power Wall Systems, began in 1980 with the company’s incorporation in British Columbia. Since that time, the company has grown considerably in capability and size, and has been involved in some of the most sizable construction projects known to the province, but Power Group’s General Manager, Vic Semenov says it continues to both function and foster the feel of friendliness and familiarity just as one might expect of a family-owned and managed business.

But, just as the name might imply, this company resonates with a certain formidability born through its integration of service offerings, professional partnerships and the collective expertise of its workforce which typically measures more than 250 people. Intent in their effort to instill the aesthetically alluring aspects of timeliness and quality in all that they undertake, Power’s precision has been exacted in applications among custom single residences, multi-family low-or-medium-rise and high-rise as well commercial, institutional and industrial structures.

Operational Expertise

After more than 30 years of operation, the Power Group has acquired such efficiencies and insight in the range of material resources which can be deployed to meet the demands of almost any structural requirement that it is continually sought out by leading architects and contractors of Canada. Depending on the project and its location, Semenov explains that the work is typically relegated to the direction of one of the corporate entities.

For example, Power Drywall primarily focuses its efforts in the lower mainland of British Columbia whereas Power Drywall Interior serves the interior and extending geographic regions. In either case, in its capacity as a non-union sub contractor, Power specializes in the supply and installation of structural & light-gauge steel stud framing, thermal & acoustical insulation applications for both walls and ceilings, a complete range of interior finishing products and more.

Power Wall Systems, on the other hand, is a specialized provider of lightweight “Cold Formed” and structural steel framing, load-bearing and non load bearing prefinished wall panel systems that are utilized in exterior and interior walls for mid-rise residential and commercial buildings, used together with a variety of floor systems.

In this realm of service, Power has garnered distinction as an innovator by providing alternative building solutions that depart from traditional modes in concrete construction without compromising on the strength and integrity their customers not only depend on, but demand. Power’s construction systems were devised after years of rigorous testing and have secured superior ratings complicit with seismic, acoustic and fire/smoke-safety standards.

In the engineering of lighter structures, foundations can similarly be lighter, and the structure can still function despite less favorable ground/soil factors. As these systems rely on factory-controlled pre-assembly processes followed by on-site installation of assembled units, projects are completed with greater speed and efficiency. Semenov says that all of these factors combine to help spare customers from costs, time-delays and headaches. In fact, there are plenty of engineers who would validate that perspective.  As John Siefken of Siefken Engineering affirms, “Power Wall Systems Limited offers building systems which are extremely strong, non-combustible, light-weight, economical, and have no shrinkage problems. They are the first choice for low and intermediate rise buildings.”

Dan Finelli of Millennium Engineers further observes, “The most amazing aspect of Power Wall Systems is the speed at which an entire building structure can be erected. This results in cost efficiency since many of the other trades can start their work immediately following”

Beyond Power’s innovation and expertise, the company also maintains an impressive record in safety. In 2007, Power achieved a Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition, which recognizes the firm’s dedication to employee education and training, as well as their adherence to best practices and procedures in safety. Semenov explains that safety is consistently emphasized through frequent orientations at job sites as well as Power’s routine staging of “toolbox” safety meeting and monthly corporate safety meetings. Training includes adherence to protocols of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, standards that help prevent impact from the handling or application of hazardous materials. They also employ service from a Trade Safety Coordinator who specifically works to mitigate the potential for accidents. When deficiencies are found, Power is quick to respond, and when safety standards are being fully met, they are also quick to reward. As much as that reward is about reinforcing positive behavior, Semenov says the company cares about its workers and wants to see each return home safely to their family at the close of each day.

Powerful Legacy

Today, examples of The Power Group’s professionalism and craftsmanship are evidenced among some of the most impressive structures of Canada. Through its relationship with The Guarantee Company of North America, Power is capable of deploying millions in financial bonding capacity when such is needed; another aspect that often offers another measure of comfort to their clients. And those clients, as well as the architectural array of achievements which exist today, can all speak to the quality work of the Power Group of Companies.

Semenov says that the Power approach to any job follows what he calls “the 4-E Principle” – “It must be efficient, effective, expedient and economical.”

He could have just as easily added another “E” for excellence because this has been a hallmark of Power’s handiwork. Such is reflected in the University of British Columbia’s Pharmaceutical Building, a six-story structure encompassing almost 23,000 square-meters of space which achieved gold certification in being built to LEED standards and has been recognized by a number of local and international awards.

Power also participated in the building of the BC Institute of Aerospace Technology, and garnered industry awards for their work involving the ceilings of Starlight Casino and Earth Sciences Building at the University of British Columbia. From commercial jobs such as that for Sears Canada, or Electronic Arts’ impressive video games studio, or the Sarah McLaughlin School of Music and offices to any number of private homes and condominium high rises throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and so much more, the Power Group has been so integral to so many projects and partnered with so many builders, that its significance to industry in Canada cannot be overstated.

Its newest foray into the pre-engineered building industry has added yet another area for which the organization can exhibit its 4-E Principle in management, design, manufacturing and logistics. After much scanning of the global building environment, the Power Group management team (led by Kevin Amyot) identified the residential housing sector of emerging/established economies as the next area of investment for the company. While staying true to its core competencies, Power has begun to export its Canadian building technology to a hungry global market. “Diversification is a key strategy to our growth plans” says Semenov. Power’s International Development team believes there is space on the global stage for its products and services and is rapidly making its way to the front of the pack.

The talent, tenacity and team spirit of Power Group of Companies combine to leave a powerful testament to capability in construction.

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