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Group Kildey Developments Builds Large Projects and Big Dreams


In many industries there are individuals who are widely regarded and held in high esteem as a result of a lifetime’s dedication and accomplishment in their respective field. Such is the case with Graham Kildey, the Director of the development collective known as Group Kildey. With multimillion-dollar, high-profile projects as diverse in scope as they are in geographical location, Group Kildey has a truly impressive development track record. The company has successfully completed a range of initiatives ranging from hotel projects in Spain to high-end apartments in Brisbane with many impressive turns in-between. This body of work has culminated in the billion-dollar, upcoming mixed-use project Peninsular Marina, easily the jewel in a very prestigious crown. With such a vast and celebrated body of work it is easy to suggest Group Kildey has placed a celebrated footprint not only in the local development industry but also across cityscapes elsewhere in the world.

Graham Kildey began his 40 year career in the construction industry after graduating in Architecture from the Queensland Institute of Technology. During the early ’70s Graham gained experience in a number of architectural firms and development companies, learning the business and attaining some much-needed industry insight. These early forays led to design and project management roles overseeing multimillion-dollar commercial and industrial projects in Europe as well as in Australia. He was exposed to industry practices in London, Amsterdam, Stuttgart and Paris before returning to Brisbane to open his own architectural practice, which undertook a diverse range of commercial projects including art galleries, nightclubs, retail and service chains as well as large private residences. At this time Graham commenced his own development company – Group Kildey.

Group Kildey is the utilisation of Graham Kildey’s vast experience and knowledge base in the architectural and development spheres, a knowledge base which he endeavours to broaden each day, and which has resulted in a host of landmark developments over the years.

Group Kildey is an investment development company or more specifically a family of companies, which undertake specific development initiatives under the Kildey banner. It also works under the Kildey philosophy of “need” as key criteria for any potential project. “Before we decide to proceed with any development project, we must be able to determine that it will satisfy a need,” he says.

“That for us is the most important issue.” The Abbey Hotel, the first all-suite hotel in Brisbane was a perfect example of a successful project designed to satisfy a need with its location next to the transit centre. The Abbey Hotel continues to be arguably the most successful short-term occupancy establishment in Brisbane.

Since that time Group Kildey has completed shopping centres, significant housing developments, and industrial developments. With the success of the Abbey Hotel, Group Kildey was invited to participate in projects in Barcelona and Seville in Spain. That invitation came from the Spanish Rail Authority (RENFE) after Group Kildey, in association with Architects Australia, successfully submitted development solutions for redevelopment of inner-city railway properties in both Barcelona and Seville. The Seville project was a large 400-room international hotel with shopping facilities as well as office accommodation. In fact the RENFE foyer in Madrid was home to a large model of the Barcelona development scheme for many years. RENFE selected Group Kildey’s proposal for Seville over a host of local and international submissions from England, Germany and the USA.

Group Kildey also worked on projects across the Brisbane area, and continues to have a rapidly growing influence even today. Everything from traditional housing developments, large scale renovations to concept and prestige projects, their developments are to be found across the entire city and surrounding coastlines. Completed projects such as the Aspen residences, Fig Trees shopping centre, commercial buildings and shops in the city and suburbs were not only rewarding investments but also familiar and easily recognised. Even more exciting is the assortment of projects to come, such as Belise, an ultra-modern apartment development situated on what is considered to be the premier site in the Bowen Hills precinct, high on the hill, in a locality which is experiencing unprecedented growth.

With so many inspiring and highly sought-after developments to come, it is easy to suggest Group Kildey has reached a pinnacle of sorts. However, even greater heights appear to be in store for the deeply committed team, and this is evidenced by their latest and most exciting project to date. A monumental 1 billion dollar Peninsular Marina project, a mixed-use project development located on Brisbane’s near north coast.

For Graham Kildey, Peninsular Marina would be a culmination of a lifetime of dreaming big and following through. Dreams do not get bigger than the mammoth scale of this residential, commercial, recreational (not to mention iconic) super-structure. Capturing the essence of landmarks such as Dubai’s Burj, Peninsular Marina would stand on an off-coast island platform and feature a massive residential and five star hotel structure with some commercial space allocation as well. It would also feature some low-density residential structures, a marina, a yacht club and an exclusive beach, and by the very nature of its construction techniques, providing valuable marine-life breeding grounds. With a proposed budget of a billion dollars, residents and guests will be exposed to the ultimate blend of luxury and convenience.

After decades of focused dedication, and maximum effort, it is easy to imagine Graham Kildey being satisfied with the results already achieved. International development and exposure to a multitude of sectors and spheres in the industry has provided unique insight into the business for Graham Kildey. By holding true to his values and balancing this effort with his unrelenting spirit, Group Kildey can rest assured in the leadership of the company. Graham Kildey is not only a man with an exceptional level of achievement, but also a man whose years of experience in the industry will surely benefit any future developments on which he focuses his attention, a man who is not afraid to dream, but who is constantly aware of his foundational philosophy of “Need before profit as the Key to Success”.


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