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CCI Automated Technologies
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CCI Automated Technologies
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Based in Seattle, Washington, CCI Automated Technologies is a leading system integration, software and infrastructure technology company delivering building automation, energy services and access control services for new construction and existing buildings.

Founded in 1976 as a controls contractor, CCI Automated Technologies helps building owners improve their buildings’ efficiency and security, while reducing operating expenses and environmental impact.  CCI combines the technology resources of a major corporation with the personalized service and ongoing support of a local company.

The company was originally called Control Contractors Inc., and was founded by Al Lucas. According to President Maury Costantini, Lucas began the business at a pivotal turning point in the industry. New and innovative control systems were being developed, and building efficiency was becoming a larger priority than it ever had been in the past.

Costantini joined the organization two years ago, when the company was acquired by K’oyitl’ots’ina, Limited (KCorp) – a leader in the field of facility operations and maintenance. “I came in, and then we looked at additional services that we could provide and we repositioned the company as CCI Automated Technologies,” he recalls.

“It seemed pretty exciting to get into a ground-floor opportunity to really reposition and grow the business across North America. Now we’re really focused as an integration, software and infrastructure technology company.”


Today, CCI provides a complete range of building solutions. They help building owners achieve their energy efficiency goals, they implement a whole spectrum of security and control systems, and they customize maintenance services to keep their clients’ buildings operating at peak efficiency. When it comes to energy conservation, they have particularly proven themselves. In Oregon – where one of their branch offices is located – they have more LEED buildings than anywhere in the U.S.

“We have the expertise to walk into any building and optimize infrastructure performance, which really has a positive impact on the occupant,” Costantini says.

In everything they do, the company has the flexibility to choose the “best-in-breed” products on the market to fit their clients’ needs. That is what sets them apart from the competition, says Costantini. “We’re able to use top-of-the-line technologies and develop our own in-house technologies. Those are some unique attributes of CCI.”

In addition to providing sophisticated, top-notch products, CCI also provides top-notch customer service. Installing new control systems is just the beginning of the long-term relationship they have with their clients.  Their preventive and predictive maintenance program ensures that their clients’ buildings will continue to perform at peak efficiency for years to come.

Where CCI’s competitors tend to use proprietary products that “trap their customers in,” CCI’s products incorporate open platform technology. This means their customers own their own products, which means CCI has to rely on their outstanding customer service in order to build strong relationships.

“We really put an emphasis on service,” Costantini says. “We put an emphasis on being reliable, and providing customers with new ideas and ways to lower operating expenses. We create a strong business relationship and provide exceptionally trained and technically competent employees,” he says. “We’re a customer-focused and customer satisfaction organization.”

CCI currently employs approximately 110 staff members, including a roster of expert technicians that provides clients with the highest-quality work with minimal disruption. After installation, if problems do arise, the company has 24/7 technical support and is equipped to identify and resolve them immediately. Their staff can also help with repair and recovery in case a system failure occurs.

Among the staff, Costantini is dedicated to promoting a team atmosphere. “We’re really focused on employee development,” he says. “Management really looks to the boots on the ground to provide the next really great ideas, and to really stay engaged and connected to our client base.”

“Our people are the intellectual property of our company and we have invested quite a bit in the technical training and development to make them the most astute employees in the marketplace – whether they’re in sales, a technical employee or anyone in operations.”

CCI prides itself on being a company that constantly sets the standards when it comes to technology. One of the main ways they have managed that is by having an engaged and forward-thinking staff. “We’re always having strategic meetings where we’re working with employees on the frontlines that might have unique ideas so we can translate it, as an organization, into the next sales opportunity or productivity improvement that brings more value to our client.”

Energy analytics

CCI Automated Technologies recently released their energy analytics product into the marketplace, which is an example of their cutting edge capabilities. While the general product has been available elsewhere for a number of years, CCI’s version is more uniquely-valuable because it can be applied to any building, anywhere, and its price point is extremely competitive, Costantini says. “It provides us with new relationship opportunities, where we can then leverage that channel to sell other services and broaden our business.”

“We’re under development for expanding the functionality of that tool to include operating analyticsand media. By the end of 2013, we expect to have the operating analytics launched into the marketplace,” he adds.

That type of expansion and development is typical of what CCI will continue to achieve going forward. As a full infrastructure technology company, CCI is positioned for expansion. Looking ahead, Costantini envisions CCI growing to a national building automation and infrastructure technology company that is 10 times their current size.

“We’re a level above anybody else in the marketplace,” he says. “When you find the most difficult challenge, the first name you think of is CCI Automated Technologies because of the people that we deploy in the marketplace. We will continue to grow that reputation along with the company.”