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Clera Windows and Doors
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Clera Windows and Doors
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I Can See Clera-ly Now…

Clera Windows
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To achieve personal excellence, Confucius once said, “the will to win, the desire to succeed, and the urge to reach your full potential are the keys that will unlock the door.” Those same attributes can lead to the opening of many windows too.  And when excellence is demanded in the opening, closing, manufacturing or installation of any door or window, many turn to a Canadian company whose professional expertise has been driven by a will to win over customers and succeed in service excellence.

Clera Windows and Doors are Canada’s leading manufacturers and installers of custom-made windows and doors. For more than three decades, they’ve prided themselves on delivering high quality products and customer satisfaction.

The family-run company was established in 1978 by Steve Mastrorillo under their full moniker Clera Windows and Doors by FM Industries. Prior to forming the company, Mastrorillo worked as a Vice-President for a leading glass supplier in North America.  After a while, he came to a realization that he wasn’t totally happy with the manner in which he was applying his talents, and given the opportunity, he could do the business better and more capably fulfill customer expectation. He soon set out to prove it.

“He then started his own company and has become a very, very successful person since then,” explains Raj Kain. As Vice-President of Sales and Marketing since 2009, Kain first joined the enterprise in 2006 as the Greater Toronto Area Sales Manager. He says the business has grown rapidly over the last few years and to foster greater recognition of the brand, the company recently decided to drop the “by FM Industries” reference from its name. Kain explains, “We are still FM Industries, it’s just we have rebranded ourselves better because FM does not create a good brand name. When we ask people what comes to mind when we say FM, they say, ‘radio.’  We thought Clera was a good name simply because it is close to the word clear, which gives you a clear picture.”

People first

For Clera Windows and Doors, one of the benefits to being a family-owned business is the family atmosphere promoted among the staff. Everyone at the company is committed to working as a single-unit, and dedicated to providing customers with the very best in quality and service. “We look after our people. That’s the main thing,” Kain says, adding everyone in management is a people person.

He mentions solidarity is a rarity in the windows and door industry nowadays, and people come and go because it’s a very competitive market. But with Clera Windows and Doors it’s the exact opposite – about half of their workforce have been with the company more than 15 years. A dedicated and loyal staff ensures consistency in the quality of their windows and doors.

“They stay with us because we treat them very well and we’ll look after them if they need anything. We’re always there for them,” he says. “If half of your workforce has been with you for more than 15 years, you can’t go wrong.”

Manufacturing Mastery

Clera Windows and Doors are also clearly separated from the competition by virtue of its manufacturing capabilities. While many companies may specialize in one aspect of service, or one product line, Clera is empowered by its ability to manufacture highly customized window and door options, as well as installation services. These efficiencies benefit customers by saving them time and money.  “Our model is we manufacture and we install. We control everything and that makes us the premier choice. They’re going to pay Clera Windows and Doors to do it all,” he says.

When customers choose Clera for a new window or door, they not only get the highest quality, but are also getting a product that is environmentally sound and lowers heating costs. And since their products are made in Ontario, each one is tested by Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

“There are only 60 companies all across Canada who are certified by CSA because they do an audit periodically,” he says, adding they can guarantee customers exactly what they’re making. “The product goes out to the customer directly.”

As a result of the CSA-approval, customers not only benefit from the higher quality, but are put at ease knowing they deal directly with the manufacturer and the installer. This ensures 100 per cent client satisfaction. “Steve Mastrorillo is involved directly in the product development,” he says.

They’re also certified by the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association of Canada (IGMAC) – who inspects the glass very carefully, checking for stability and sturdiness, among other inspections. “We go through each and every check that’s necessary to make sure the consumers are getting 100 per cent.”

Kain says the majority of their work comes from residential clientele because their windows and doors are vinyl-based products. “We have renovated more than 200,000 homes in Ontario,” he says. However, they do take on a fair number of custom commercial jobs that require vinyl materials.

Over the years, Clera Windows and Doors have taken on many projects they’re particularly proud of. For example, they recently installed the windows for an eight-story high building in Ottawa, the Burnside Terrace. “It was a fantastic job and the people were very happy with the outcome,” he says, adding they’ve also just finished working on a community centre in Halton Hills.


Looking ahead to the longer term, Clera Windows and Doors will continue to expand across Canada in the next five to 10 years. The idea is to start in Quebec and then move onto the East Coast before heading to the western provinces. This will be followed by an eventual expansion stateside once the dollar parity levels out and creates a more favourable economic environment, says Kain , adding there is no limit to how high the company will go.

It is said on a clear day, one can see forever. Given the capabilities and service efficiencies attributed to Clera, one can also see a further future of success.

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