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Jarrett Logistics Systems
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Inspired by poetic license as opposed to professional licenses, Lord Lyttleton once penned words to which many can relate, by bemoaning the “degree of woe” one endures before “bliss” be gained. “The heart can never a transport know, that never feels a pain.” And yes, in business, challenges associated with the transport of goods, and all the encompassing logistics, is not something that typically inspires pretty poetry. Then again, that might just depend on who you’re working with, for there’s a company who offers a certain conduit for bliss that has effectively removed woe and pain from the transport process, while delivering considerable cargoes of cost-savings.

Regardless of the product involved, its transportation from manufacturer to market, from wholesaler to distributor, includes so much more than simply delivering things to wherever they need to be. The getting it “there” on-time, in the intended condition it should be, with awareness as to what conditions exist that would undermine the process, and knowing the secondary load that will follow the first load, even before… it is unloaded. It takes a substantial load of time, energy and, no-duh, money, to effectively monitor, measure and make sense of it all. The actuality of this aspect of business operations has given rise to companies who singularly serve in providing logistical systems that cater to transport needs. Within that very specialized world, there is a wizard. His name is Michael Jarrett.

Quite assuredly, Michael Jarrett, the President of Jarrett Logistics Systems (JLS), would be first to insist there’s absolutely nothing illusory, or wizardly, about his work. Still, it is difficult to not conjure such a connection when considering the sheer speed by which he can deploy solutions that save money, or provide uncanny ability to track a seeming infinitude of tiny details, and impart answers to questions at the snap of a finger (OK, maybe the push of a few buttons, but you get the point). What’s more, just consider some of the places where he and the team at JLS have worked their magic.

Before launching his own Ohio-based enterprise in 1999, Jarrett devoted eight years of service to a company called Caliber Logistics. As Vice President of Carrier Operations, beyond his supervising of functions among multiple routing-centers, negotiating of contracts with new carriers, and facilitating of services to new accounts, Michael Jarrett also helped design and implement Caliber’s very first centralized transportation management system. It was no small feat, and the success of its functionality is made all the more clear when considering, that company which once existed as Caliber was acquired and went on to become the logistical backbone of a little enterprise known today as FedEx.

He went to Jarrett

And adding to the credible calibre of his capability, JLS is comprised by a cadre of dynamic industry veterans. These include Manager of Systems, Procedures and Procurement Matt Tarutani who previously spent nine years providing dutiful and distinguished support in Logistics Operation & Acquisitions for a very commanding company – the United States Air Force. There is also Business Development Directors Leroy Schalk and Mike Frank: Schalk has some 25 years worth of management experience, formerly serving at Roadway Express; and Frank, before joining JLS, he spent 19 years managing customer service and cartage operations for DHL Express. There are, of course, others, equally experienced and succinctly savvy, who not only know what they’re doing, but know how to do it the right way.

In terms of “the right way” – the foundation for that is supported by corporate values Jarrett not only emphasizes, but enforces. There are principles permeating all protocols, and whereas goods can be transported anywhere in the world, the corporate values of JLS are mandated as “immovable.”

These command commitment to the highest levels of ethical conduct, responsibility and accountability. Trust is consecrated as the “cornerstone” of the business, and this is clearly communicated to all. Business Development Director Mike Frank credits the hiring of personnel that fully embrace such concepts and commit to them in each interaction, as the primary, if not penultimate, thing that separates JLS from other firms. “We invest in high integrity people, this is what makes us most unique and what has helped us differentiate ourselves from others,” says Frank.

Having assembled such a team of the industry’s indisputable best and brightest, there can be no wonder as to why JLS has been able to amass so many clients over the years, thereby garnering frequent national honours and recognition as one of America’s fastest growing companies. The JLS client list is a very impressive array of market forces and companies engaged in every corridor of industry, including such likes as the National Association of Sporting Good Wholesalers, a group who simply doesn’t play around when it comes to their shipping requirements. Of course, transport of products is taken seriously by all varieties of enterprise. But, to further drive the point home as to how JLS helps; one need only review a few of the testimonials that have come from their customers. Among them is that proffered by Elton Easterday of Ariel Corporation, a company distinguished as the world’s leading manufacturer of gas compressors utilized in the energy industry. He says turning over the task of LTL freight to JLS has resulted in appreciable “non-events”.

“We now view reports… rather than being tied down by those duties. There is now more time in the day for the details of our core business,” says Easterday.

Driven to Deliver

JLS’ emergence as a major mover-and-shaker in the market could never have happened if it was only left to the fact that these are nice guys doing a nice job, there’s a lot more to it. A large proportion of their success can be credited to their proprietary technology platforms. From their “eSelect” and “eQuote” applications to software which can be customized for any company to yield efficiency and speed in terms of generating tracking data, ad hoc transportation reports, quote-to-ship information, and more.

Clients also benefit from a volume of “value-added” services which includes: a centralized routing-center for all customer locations (available 24/7/365), a dedicated logistics coordinator and CAT team, carrier dispatching services, daily cost reporting for all shipments, non-compliance reporting, pool distribution, automated shipment status indicators, purchase order instructions, small parcel auditing, freight bill costs allocations …  simply suffice it to say, EVERYTHING one may need.

JLS is a one-stop shop and resource for all transportation requirements.

Beyond the technology, JLS delivers expertise in the fundamentals of negotiation, helping their clients save on carrier contracts, and more. In fact, its relationships in industry are now so extensive that they are able to leverage their buying power in such a way that it allows customers to drastically reduce transports costs they would otherwise encounter operating on their own.

And it is this, the sense of saving, that really matters in the end at JLS. For all the technology, reports and accounting of deliveries made or merchandise allocated, Frank says their focus is about saving money, saving time and saving their customers from headaches.

In terms of the future, he says JLS will continue to invest in the development of “leading edge logistics software” and work to further develop new relationships with “high growth companies” which can uniquely benefit from their services.

He says those initiatives will continue to be implemented by individuals with the utmost integrity, who do not simply see themselves in terms of being in the driver’s seat, as market masters behind the steering wheel, but rather, as stewards of service – a philosophy that will certainly allow JLS to log so many more miles on the road of success.