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July 2015

| Business World


and home building.

“With respect to our customers and work-

ing with our developers, we use customer

management software called ConAssist,”

Bontkes said. “This portal gives the home-

owners access to everything from specifica-

tions and service work to deficiencies and

request for services from the developer. It’s

automated, well established and it’s very cus-

tomer friendly.”


Like every brand out there, individuality

and uniqueness is paramount in garnering

exposure and notoriety. At Caliber, quality

remains their brand and market differentia-

tor. Marked as the basis for what the com-

pany does and how it goes about doing it,

their very own quality process remains a piv-

otal parameter in every job, project and rela-

tionship – from home owners and suppliers

down to Caliber’s own employees.

“Ultimately we realized that in order to

achieve the goals set out by our mission

statement we needed to bring along our key

sub trades and suppliers alongside our cus-

tomers and integrate all of the stakeholders

in the process of building and developing to

maximize satisfaction,” Bontkes said.

“We found that in order to obtain maximum

quality, best pricing and meet timelines, we

couldn’t do it by just demanding things from

our sub trades,” Bontkes continued. “There’s

a level of responsibility for the people we

work with and we want to make sure they’re

operating and doing their jobs in a safe man-

ner. It’s a fully integrated process where trades

and suppliers work together with Caliber to

satisfy the needs of the customer.”

Implementing a successful quality policy is