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Business World |

July 2015


“The process we use is based on customer

satisfaction,” Bontkes said. “We understand

the construction and development industry

as three factors: There is budget, price and

schedule. We use those three factors in creat-

ing our core principles and in order to satisfy

a customer you need to establish what’s key

up front.”

“If somebody wants a home built quickly,

we’ll do that,” he continued. “But we’ll make

them aware that they may be spending more

money or compromising on quality. We op-

erate using those factors and we try to put

equal emphasis on all three. By doing this

we’re able to maximize customer satisfac-


In an industry known for increasing costs

and decreasing standards, Caliber ensures

that the customer is involved and informed

from pre-construction planning and the

construction and post construction process.

A crucial ally in helping Caliber maximize

satisfaction as been the company’s awareness

and commitment to using technology to its

advantage and staying ahead of the always

-evolving learning curves in construction