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July 2015

| Business World




Operating on a small ship, Caliber’s expertise

in construction management is made up of

eight people. Deeply rooted in the commu-

nity, the company maintains strong morals

and ethics while being fiercely dedicated to

excellence, mentorship and growth opportu-

nities. Family owned and operated their mis-

sion of accountability and responsibility for

their work impacts and influences internal

culture most.

“With commitment to delivering quality,

cost effective homes with budget, sched-

ule and quality in mind we’re able to put

together a united front to completing our

tasks,” Bontkes said. “With respect to build-

ing homes, if we keep our quality policy in

mind it provides us with the vision we need

to complete the task.”

Keeping it local and working within the Fra-

ser Valley, Langley and Surrey, Caliber’s geo-

graphic presence remains entrenched within

a half an hour of the company’s head office.

Being centralized within the community has

strengthened Caliber’s brand recognition

and their mission towards re-defining the

status quo and re-establishing transparency,

honesty and integrity for clients by provid-

ing the best quality product.