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July 2015

| Business World


years removed from his first foray into inde-

pendent construction, Bontkes built a num-

ber of single family homes between 2008 and

2010. In 2011, Caliber’s growth exploded

when Bontkes partneredwith his brother and

built 56 single family homes in Coquitlam.

“Ultimately you learn a trade and you learn

the physical aspects of the trade,” Bontkes

said. “You work for a number of companies

as a subcontractor and you’re exposed to how

different contractors operate and it gives you

an idea of how you want to operate your-

self while gaining an understanding of your

identity as a company once you start on your


100% employee owned and operated 30 years of experience Locally manufactured, high quality products Complete quality control by keeping everything in-house frommanufacturing through installation Unique multi family products available Licensed, bonded and insured Strata Experts Request a quote: 1.888.559.8459 WINDOWS | DOORS | SIDING | BUILDING ENVELOPE 100% Employee Owned