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Business World |

July 2015


and sell them and then I started doing cus-

tom homes as well.”

The road to entrepreneurship and company

ownership wasn’t conjured up overnight. It

turns out, in fact, that Bontkes is no stranger

to a construction site. During his time in the

classroom, he honed his skills and worked as

a project manager and carpenter. Harnessing

the hands-on approach helped Bontkes turn

his passion into opportunity and profit, but

it also taught him the importance of finding

your own place in a crowded and competi-

tive landscape.

“The inspiration was opportunity and just

getting going with construction on my own

and starting to build a brand,” Bontkes said.

“There was profit in it as well and took ad-

vantage of the market that was down and

went from there.”

After those three initial flips, Caliber’s repu-

tation across the region continued. Just two