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July 2015

| Business World


“We’re very keen on creating long lasting re-

lationships and we find that we get the best

value from our subcontractors and suppliers

by continually showing loyalty and support

for their operations,” Bontkes said.

“Part of the quality policy is establishing re-

lationships on mutual bounds of respect,”

Bontkes continued. “It’s about trying to be

realistic in our approach when it comes to

timeline and price. It’s about general respect,

working ethically and doing what you say

you’re going to do.”



They are not bound by hierarchical structure

at Caliber Projects – Bontkes likes it and

wants it that way.

“I don’t have positions,” Bontkes said. “On

my business cards, there are no titles. We all

operate as a team. Hierarchy is understood

but not enforced. We all work for the good