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Business World |

July 2015


a careful and cautious endeavor – and not

just a fancy marketing ploy. Introduced and

embraced since the outset, Bontkes finds a

challenge in instilling and maintaining the

Caliber quality policy to prospective team


“The biggest challenge we face is trying to

find quality people to complete the work,” he

said. “One of the things we do is pre-qualify

everybody that gets involved in our projects.

To pre-qualify you need to show confidence

in the work we’re looking for. You need to

have references and there’s an interview pro-

cess as well.”

The intimate and interactive interviews re-

flect Caliber’s maturity as a company. Not

one to settle for less, Bontkes acknowledges

the less-skilled shortcomings of the con-

struction workforce and that success is rela-

tive to the relationships you forge with the

suppliers and sub trades.