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April 2015

| Business World


game - you’ve got to be lean, you’ve got to

operate efficiently and effectively in every-

thing you do.”


Servicing a nationally and well-recognized

set of companies within the industry from

the United States to Eastern Canada,

Charleston Aluminum has dealt with its

share of adversity since they began 15 years

ago. And while they are now entrenched

within the aerospace industry, Ray detailed

his path with the company.

“I was getting ready to move to DC and take

a job up there,” he said. “Owner Willie Port-

noy said ‘oh no, you need to come talk to me’,

so I came to talk to him and the next day he

hired me to be his VP of finance.”

“My mission was to bring world class finance

and accounting to a company that grew 20%

a year for the first six years of its life and was

suffering some growing pains,” Ray contin-

ued. “It was a big challenge because when I

got here in 2010, a lot of these people have

already been here for 10 years and they have

been doing things a certain way so we had

to rebuild processes and it was a little bit of

a struggle, but we were able to bring world

class accounting to Charleston Aluminum.”

Following the departure of Blakeney, Ray’s

title changed to COO and his responsibili-

ties multiplied ten-fold. Charged with over-

seeing a variety of aspects within the compa-

ny – from safety and warehouse operations

to customer service and human resources,

Ray has become an invaluable asset to the

rise at Charleston Aluminum.

“There’s just no room for waste or inefficient-

ly in the company, it’ll kill you,” Ray said.

“Our biggest challenge right now is finding

additional customers and building the base

we have. A couple years ago we decided that

we wanted to feature some stuff in aerospace

and we wanted to do that and we’ve been

very successful with that.”

“Charleston Aluminum is a good company

and it’s on the verge of becoming a great

company, Ray continued. “So we’re trying

to maintain that momentum to push us for-