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Business World |

April 2015


Ray said. “This assures our total quality man-

agement and service processes consistently

meet the requirements and expectations of

customer’s presenting the most challenging


With an inventory comprised of US domes-

tic and western European DFAR producing

mills, Charleston Aluminum manufactures

aerospace sheet, plate and long products for

applications requiring aluminum, stainless,

alloy steels and titanium. Becoming one of

the largest stocking distributors of aerospace

aluminum in the United States did not hap-

pen overnight, however. The shift in focus

to aerospace was brought on primarily to

changes in the marketplace.

“The market has been very difficult the last

couple of years,” Ray said. “Everybody kept

thinking that in 2010 the market was go-

ing to recover, and it did to some extent, but

ever since the financial crash of 2008/2009,

we have a new normal now. It’s much harder

to make money and be profitable then it was

back then. You’ve got to be on top of your