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Business World |

April 2015


offerings. Under the guidance of new Chief

Operating Officer Chris Ray, the company is

reaching unprecedented standards.

“The company continues to grow, but we’ve

added several large aerospace clients to our

mix,” Ray said. “With the Boeing plant being

in South Carolina and an hour away from us,

it just makes sense for us to do more busi-

ness with them. We’re a gold-rated supplier

to Boeing right now, so we’re very proud of



Focusing more on the aerospace industry,

Charleston Aluminum has taken measured

steps in order to better align themselves with

the prime players within that landscape.

“We achieved our AS9100 quality certifica-

tion in October [2014],” Ray said. “That’s

quite an undertaking. The company has been

ISO-Certified for a number of years, but

AS9100 is the quality standard for compa-

nies that specialize in aerospace, which fits us

to a T. It was very hard work, and it took ef-

fort from everyone in the entire company to

achieve it, and we’re very proud of that fact.”

The internationally recognized qual-

ity management system, which is strongly