QMotion-2014 Brochure - page 4

it for the sunrise and sunset. In addition to all the
qualities that come with the fabric that helpwith
the energy and light management, these
accessories allow people to have even more
control over how and when they use their
A self-professed tinkerer by nature, Mullet
created QMotion after years in the garage door
and garage door opener business as CEO of the
Ohio-based Wayne Dalton Corp. His lean
toward innovation there was illustrated by the
introduction of award- winning pinch-resistant
sectional joints as well as a fully enclosed torsion-
spring counterbalance system that soon became
industry standards.
The idea for motorized window shading arrived
when Mullet and his team were attempting to
create a flexible membrane that could be
integrated into a window system for use during
The necessity for a battery-operated shade
became acute because power is often spotty
during severe weather, but when Mullet and his
engineering colleagues compiled all the available
systems then on the market – then installed and
evaluated each – the results were less than
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