QMotion-2014 Brochure - page 3

Company founder puts tinkering skills
to work at Qmotion
Fun Brands | BusinessWorld-Magazine | 1
f you’re looking to replicate your
grandfather’s window shades, keep
looking. Because what CEO Willis
Mullet and his staff of 100 have in mind is,
well…a touchmore advanced.
“As more people are getting into home
automation and the ease of being able to
have these additional systems, people are
also looking at the solar shades to be able to
manage their energy consumption as well as
the light,” said Cassie Metzger, Mullet’s
senior brand development manager at
QMotion Advanced Shading Systems –
which Mul let founded in 2008 in
Pensacola, Fla.
“We can set the time for opening and
closing your shades or your draperies andwe
even have a feature, if someone wants to set
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