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QMotion Advanced Shading
Designer, developer, engineer and
manufacturer of premium quality
automated products – with a focus
on automated shading systems
Pensacola, Fla.
May 2014
| BusinessWorld | 157
motorized shading industry he labels as still
“in its infancy.”
In fact, he said a saturation rate that now sits
somewhere around 5 percent could
legitimately rise into the 20, 25 or 30
percent neighborhoods within the next
decade. Particular segments of growth are
commercial settings like the hospitality
industry, institutional settings like hospitals
and nursing homes – though residential
usage, too, could increase as building codes
begin tomandate certain energy criteria.
“Go back far enough to see what happened
with garage door openers,” he said. “I went
from seeing garage door openers being kind
of a novelty to what is now ubiquitous. And
I can see the same thing happening with
motorized shades. That would not surprise
me in the next five to10 years.”
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