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demand is greatest, butMullet said those
calls are not imminent.
“I don’t think it’ll be anytime soon,” he
said, “so yes, I think the component
business is probably going to be a larger
and larger part of our overall sales
As for its rapid ascent to status as an
industry leader, Mullet said QMotion’s
secret is its creativity.
The company developed the first
motorized shade with a patented
manual override system, which allows it
to be operated by hand while causing no
damage to the interior mechanisms. It’s
been a particularly popular feature
within the hospitality industry, where
guests would often enter a roomandpull
on shades not knowing that they were
automatically controlled – which often
resulted in strippedmotors.
Another advance centers on the
batteries, he said, which are housed
within the shade tube and therefore
much easier to access at changing time by
simply pulling the shade to expose the
tube. Additionally, the battery life in QMotion
devices is typically around five years, as
compared to some existing products whose
batteries expired after as little as six months of
“That’s probably our primary differentiator,”
Mullet said.
In-house investments were made in January in
anticipation of the 2014 launches of both a
motorized venetian blind and a system to move
draperies back and forth – and Mullet expects a
continued rapid pace of innovation in a
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