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May 2014
Still, the United States remains the No. 1
territory for sales, Mullet said, and the
company’s top customers are small or medium-
sized dealers specializing inwindowcoverings. A
burgeoning market is being created by audio-
visual dealers, who, as they install flat-screenTVs
and home theater systems, also incorporate
automated curtain systems as part of the
comprehensive environment.
QMotion’s domestic business is strictly
wholesale, Mullet said, while the international
business is done with the company selling its
motorized components – motor-control units
with specialized counterbalance systems – to
overseas fabricators who then build the actual
shades. Those clients will market the products
with their respective names, alongside a phrase
like “poweredbyQmotion.”
Germany, England, Austria, Switzerland, Italy
and Australia combine for about 40 percent of
the overall business, a portion Mullet said is
“growing rapidly” and could take over as
majority share.
Corporate decisions will eventually be made on
continuing the process as is, or creating
company-owned fabrication entities where
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