| The Cleaning Authority
time, Doug qualifies that they must also have
heart.’ “We don’t want people who are going
to drive and run people over,” he says. “They
need the drive and they need heart to care.”
The second criterion is focus. Third is coach-
able, fourth is willingness to follow their
systems, fifth is the financial ability to set
the business up initially, and the sixth thing
is they have to have a Code of Values that
matches DreamMaker’s – meaning they
must have respect, integrity, and a strong
customer focus.
Finally, the seventh criterion is sup-
port at home. “We want to make sure their
spouse or loved ones are behind them,” Doug
Once a franchisee is on board, Dream-
Maker Bath & Kitchen supports and trains
them in a number of different ways. They
have systems in place for them to learn by
and fall back on, and they host initial train-
ing and further training events to bring fran-
chisees together to collaborate. They also
have a number of different committees dedi-
cated to the success of the brand, including
their Marketing, Advertising and Promotion
Committee, as well as their Franchise Advi-
sory Council.
We work together and create task
forces to help innovate and improve our sys-
tems, and support each other to make the
brand stronger and provide a stronger cus-
tomer experience,” Doug says.
DreamMaker also employs franchise
coaches – professional business advisors that
assist franchisees with implementing their
systems and guiding them through their ini-
tial challenges.
It’s those components put together
that makes us what we are,” Doug says. “It’s
not enough to have systems, it’s not enough
to have training, it’s not enough to have a
franchise coach – you need to have all those
components working together, with peer