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Above all, however, their focus is on making
sure they support the franchise owner as best
they can to enable them to have a quality life.
It is that focus that draws franchisees to the
Profits are essential to business, Doug
says, but at DreamMaker it’s the people who
come first.
Bob Ender comes from an executive
position in the automobile industry. When
he joined DreamMaker, he had younger chil-
dren and wanted to travel less and stay closer
to home. As someone who ran a remodeling
business in college, he made for an excellent
DreamMaker candidate. He has now owned
a franchise in Ann Arbor, Michigan for more
than seven years, and says DreamMaker has
delivered on their promise.
Since partnering with DreamMaker,
I’ve definitely been blessed with the growth
of a very successful business,” Ender says. “As
far as work-life balance goes, that’s been re-
established from something I didn’t have in
the corporate world. We’ve definitely taken
more family vacations than I did when I was
in the corporate world.”
My wife and I are just generally happy
with our decision,” he adds.
When it comes to determining the
right people to take advantage of Dream-
Maker’ offering – people like Ender – Doug
says there are seven main criteria. The first is
they must have ‘drive’ – they have to have the
internal motivation to succeed. At the same