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act with them. We want to give them a world
class experience and go the extra mile so that
when they think of DreamMaker, they think
of an excellent experience.”
DreamMaker is also a full service re-
modeling company – they take care of ev-
erything from the initial design of a project,
right through to completion. If there’s demo-
lition work to be done, they will handle it. If
subcontractors are required, DreamMaker
will coordinate with them. “The customer
does not have to worry about anything,”
Doug says. “We take care of everything.”
DreamMaker’s process – in addition
to being full service – is catered to meet cli-
ent’s specific needs, and ensures the business
is communicating consistently throughout
the entire process. The company’s lead car-
penters are dedicated to providing superior
craftsmanship and ethical excellence, allow-
ing client’s the security of knowing their
project will be completed efficiently, and
with minimal disruption to their lives.
Our foundation in honest, ethical
business practices and commitment to excel-
lence makes us the professionals people can