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yer Group. In 1994, Don passed away and
his children took over the operations of the
At that point, Doug Dwyer – one of
Don’s sons – was devoting his time to run-
ning one of the group’s private companies,
Worldwide Refinishing Systems. In an effort
to expand that company’s services, Doug led
the business into full service kitchen, bath
and interior remodeling. Soon after, they
changed the company’s name to DreamMak-
er Bath & Kitchen.
Since their foundation as Worldwide
Refinishing Systems in 1988, DreamMaker
Bath & Kitchen has continuously created a
vast array of possibilities to turn kitchens,
bathrooms, and home interiors into personal
reflections of their clients. In the intervening
years, they became a recognized leader in
their trade.
Themost important thing for us is our
Code of Values and focus on the consumer,”
Doug says, explaining what sets DreamMak-
er Bath & Kitchen apart from other compa-
nies that do remodeling.
Our brand position statement is ‘En-
hancing lives, and improving homes,’” he
adds. “We’re very focused on making a dif-
ference in a customer’s life by the remodeling
work we’re doing, but also by how we inter-