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City of Yakima

Strengthening the “Heart of Central Washington” City of Yakima focuses on infrastructure upkeep, staff utilization It’s a time of transition in Yakima, Wash., and few people are more in on it than Debbie Cook. She’s been the city’s director of utilities and engineering since arriving from New Mexico in January 2013, and since taking over […]

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City of Garland

Standing on its Own Two Feet City of Garland borders Dallas, but establishes its own identity   In a city of more than 200,000 people, there’s rarely a dull infrastructure moment. And whether it’s the perpetual struggle to interpret new FEMA flood plain maps, trying to maintain and upgrade streets and pipes that were put […]

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District of Lake Country

The Heart of the Okanagan District of Lake Country takes pride in planning its work, working its plans   It’s only been 19 years since the District of Lake Country became an incorporated entity. But – in keeping with Kevin Costner’s signature line – now that they’ve built it, the people are coming. And they’re […]

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Dipping Dots

Back to the (Ice Cream of the) Future Dippin’ Dots still looking to break new franchise ground  Curt Jones wanted to make ice cream, but he hardly anticipated a global empire.   A microbiologist by trade, Jones was working on cryogenic freezing techniques with active cultures in a laboratory when he decided on a whim […]

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Turning 20 and Growing Strong AdvantaClean moves forward with customer service, technical competence   Some companies are works in progress. The best ones make money while making progress. Even after 20 years, AdvantaClean is surely an example of the latter. The company was created in suburban Orlando, Fla. in 1994 as a contractor specializing in […]

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The City of Langford

“Moving Forward, Rather than Staying Stagnant” City of Langford revels in growth with unique, partnership-focused mindset  Chronic grid-lockers in Ottawa and Washington, D.C., get this. A governing body in a western British Columbia municipality has consistently found ways to solicit input across a swath of oft-disparate interests, blend those opinions into a workable consensus and […]

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The City of Inglewood

Where Big Things Happen Inglewood is a city in southwestern Los Angeles Country, California, southwest of downtown Los Angeles. Incorporated in 1908, the city has grown to become a thriving suburb of Los Angeles. As an entryway to major commercial centers both in the United States and internationally, Inglewood is in a unique position on […]

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Brentwood Senior Living Community

Providing a New Standard in Care Giving Bill Karns, a luxury condominium developer got involved in the assisted living developments after realizing that financing for a new luxury development wouldn’t be possible due to the slump in the economy. After doing his research and exploring various different facilities around the country, Karns launched Brentwood Senior […]

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Carib Asphalt Pavers Ltd: Paving Possibilities for the Future             Founded in 1981, Carib Asphalt Pavers started as a small family business that was focused on clearing site operations and supporting larger contractors finalize projects around Trinidad and Tobago. As the company gained more experience, it eventually moved from supporting larger contractors to becoming a […]

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Qualicare Family Homecare

Providing the full spectrum of Homecare             After Wayne Nathanson’s father was diagnosed with ALS, he we went through a number of caregivers and nurses until Wayne’s wife Andrea, a registered nurse, took over. After providing her expertise and experience in his care till he passed, the Nathanson’s realized the need for a comprehensive homecare […]

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