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American Association of Port Authority

Freight Connections to America’s Seaports Crucial to Economic Resurgence   GUEST COLUMN Kurt Nagle President/CEO, American Association of Port Authorities Since the birth of the United States more than two centuries ago, its seaports and navigation channels have served as a vital economic lifeline by bringing goods and services to people around the world and […]

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Port of South Louisiana

Worth its Weight in Jobs Port of South Louisiana moves freight, fuels growth at record pace The numbers speak pretty well for themselves. The Port of South Louisiana handled more than 266 million short tons of cargo in 2013, making it the largest tonnage port district in the Western Hemisphere. More than 4,000 ocean-going vessels […]

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American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association

Doing Big Things for Short Lines A conversation with David Mears, assistant vice president of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association celebrated 100 years of existence last year and has since begun its second century in much the way it ended its first, by representing […]

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Carolina Coastal Railway

Taking No Shortcuts Carolina Coastal delivers on its service promises It doesn’t happen by coincidence. Though consumers and businesses might assume the things they’ve requested will arrive at homes or receiving docks without incident, a good deal of the connective behind-the-scenes framework is reliant on relationships that few ever take time to ponder. That reality […]

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Decorating Den

Camaraderie by Design Decorating Den achieves franchise growth with steady support   The interior decorating/design business can seem like an isolated enterprise. But one of the advantages of the Decorating Den Interiors franchise concept – according to its president and chief executive officer, Jim Bugg Jr. – is the strength that sheer numbers provide. “This […]

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The Learning Experience

“We will be a World Player” Quality system, ambition fuel success at The Learning Experience It was a powerful reason for a significant decision. Though Richard Weissman was a capable Wall Street mover and shaker in the late summer of 2001, the events of an unforgettably awful Tuesday morning left an indelible mark. “I was […]

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Accurate Box

Thinking All Around the Box Future focus, adaptability ensure Accurate Box Company success A fundamental point of pride for the New Jersey-based Accurate Box Company – which is celebrating 70 years in business in 2014 – is its long-standing ability to look to the future and successfully chart the organizational course based on what that […]

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Ralph A Hiller Company

A Brave, New (Traditional) World R.A. Hiller stays on the cutting edge, while maintaining old-school qualities The goods and services and the means by which they’re made and distributed may have changed through the years, but the intangibles like reliability, dependability and quality have not. And that, in the estimation of Ed Good, is what’s […]

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May Group

Signs for All Times May Group relies on adaptability, to show staying power after 68 years in business The business now known as May Group International was founded by Richard R. May in Fort Worth, Texas back in 1946. And as the company’s leaders today – 68 years down the road – are quick to […]

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City of Cambridge

Planning its Work, Working its Plan City of Cambridge takes proactive approach to non-glamorous tasks When it comes to infrastructure issues – and counseling other municipality leaders on how to be efficient in the face of myriad complex challenges – George Elliott gets positively profound. “There is hope,” he said. “Cities have extremely long lives. […]

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