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The story of GNC is not only the story of a highly successful and innovative retailer, it is the story of one of the fastest-growing specialty retailing segments in the world – health and wellness products, including vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements, sports nutrition and diet products. Founded nearly 80 years ago, GNC’s dedication to […]

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Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza

During a discourse pertaining to man’s persistent attempt to perfect his state of being, the great Roman statesman Cicero devised the term “Cultura Animi” – an expression that translates to cultivation of the soul. Over time, this original term would be adapted by other great thinkers who transformed its meaning to relate more to aspects […]

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FRESH Restaurants

FRESH Restaurants is an innovator and one of the true leaders in the booming healthy fast-casual food industry. They are perfectly positioned to provide customers with an extraordinary health experience unlike anything they have ever tasted. FRESH Restaurants opened in 2001 after CEO Jeff Parker noticed other somewhat healthy concepts doing very well and saw […]

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Big Apple Bagels

Big Apple Bagels is an American franchise chain of bakery-cafes based in Deerfield, Illinois. Over their 20-year history, Big Apple Bagels has grown into a nationwide franchisor of a restaurant concept with complementary products, a reasonable investment level and an inherent competitive advantage as a low-cost producer in their industry. Big Apple Bagels opened in […]

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Donatos Pizza

Donatos Pizza

In his authoring of The Deipnosophists (a term originally inferring expertise in kitchen-related concerns), the Philosopher Athenaeus indicated there was a relevant connection between ethics and experiences imbued by edible enjoyment. He wrote, “Every investigation which is guided by principles … fixes its ultimate aim entirely on gratifying the stomach.” That food-for-thought may also apply […]

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Uniglobe Travel

UNIGLOBE Travel is a leading provider of travel services for business and leisure travellers. They distribute travel-related products and services through their websites and physical locations around the world. They are the world’s largest single-brand travel franchise organization. UNIGLOBE Travel was founded by U. Gary Charlwood in 1980 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Charlwood is a […]

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Nardo’s Natural

      Antisthenes once observed, “When brothers agree, no fortress is so strong as their common life.” And indeed, agreeability may also impart something of collective strength in directional sense, purpose and professional success. For four brothers in St. Petersburg, Florida, the common goal of creating an agreeable line of organic skin care products […]

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Professional Beauty Association

Professional Beauty Association

Poet Ellen Sturgis Hooper once wrote that she slept and dreamed life was beauty, but upon awaking, she learned life was duty. That same sentiment foreshadows analysis of the beauty industry. Whether one is dreaming of such a career or currently living out their professional dreams, rest assured there is an ally dutifully serving to […]

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Jon’Ric International

Jon'Ric International

Jon’Ric International is one of the leading franchisors of upscale specialty spa experiences. Known for their high quality services and products, Jon’Ric International selectively offers salon and day spa franchises and license agreements for national and international owners. For nearly three decades, they’ve been the global leader in spa development, management and logistics simplification. Jon’Ric […]

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Coats & Clark

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Cotton is branded “the fabric of our lives” – a statement that not only pays homage to its historical foundation in the industrialization of the Americas, but all the varied professional pursuits in which it performs. Yet, if this product deserves celebratory status, it is also appropriate to herald a company whose pioneering fabrications in […]

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